Writing and publishing graduate programs

From being concise in communication, to the elements of a successful persuasion strategy; to the dynamics of client service and the importance of networking; my degree was way more than a M. Consider if you may be working congruently with your studies, if you may be attending a wide range of classes full-time, and your intended timeframe to choose the appropriate format offered by public relations graduate schools. The traditional college format may present unique benefits: Some of these events might be offered at a student discount or even free!

Writing and publishing graduate programs

This work is protected by copyright and may be linked to without seeking permission. Permission must be received for subsequent distribution in print or electronically. Please contact mpub-help umich. For more information, read Michigan Publishing's access and usage policy. After all, in an industry that is so heavily learned on the job, how much good could something a professor tells you in a classroom do?

As a relatively recent graduate with an M. As one of many English majors with daydreams of entering the publishing industry, I found myself facing a common dilemma. If they were feeling daring, my classmates dreamed of sitting behind a desk in a sparkling high-rise chatting about marketing efforts and release parties.

I was one fish in a sea of many. Still it seemed this was not enough if I was to compete with at least several hundred people for an entry level, low-paying assistant job. It was a part-time job in college that led me to the answer.

That love encouraged me to search for graduate level coursework in publishing, specifically in ePub. For those not well-versed in the jargon of the digital publishing world it changes oftenePub is the digitally packaged format of most ebooks.

Think of your eReader as having the ability to x-ray that box to different depths, viewing one page at a time. This is in a sense an epub document: It was uncommon to find a graduate program that offered coursework in traditional publishing and the new digital counterpart. At the time I was applying, only the first few eReaders had been released.

The original Kindle was still a common sight, and the iPad 1 was only recently on shelves. I was still using a rather clumsy Sony eReader that required multiple calls to a technical help desk and a backdoor to older computer software just to operate.


As of this writing, only 59 schools are registered with full publishing programs on the popular research website http: When I searched for a school inI knew of only four full digital publishing graduate programs available. My choices at the time were whittled down to two top contenders.

Both offered a traditional publishing program and both boasted strong connections to the publishing houses for whom applicants dreamed of working.

writing and publishing graduate programs

It was after scouring the course selections that I made my decision. There were courses in basic web development and in content management systems as well. I was sold and in SeptemberI started my first semester at Emerson College in the heart of Boston.

Entering a Publishing Based Graduate Program: Coursework Emerson has a very holistic approach to teaching. Many of the students enrolled in their program are actually publishing professionals or interns, so all of their courses occur at night.

This class structure also means that Emerson can actually employ current publishing professionals to teach. My courses were taught by professional copy editors, editors, designers, associate publishers, writers, and ePub developers. This made my teachers both busy and incredibly up to date.

writing and publishing graduate programs

I ran no risk of getting old information, and I highly encourage asking about this when considering publishing programs.

How relevant will they be to your work? During my time at Emerson I took a multitude of courses that applied to traditional and digital publishing. The traditional publishing courses are well thought out and developed over time.

Each brought something entirely unique to the table and provided hands-on experience in the running of and tasks associated with the day-to-day publishing business. In one course, Book Editing, I not only learned how to draft a well-conceived book proposal, I actually worked with authors, both aspiring and established, giving them constructive feedback on their manuscripts at varying stages.

Our professor would have us discuss the flaws and points of interest in a manuscript without the author present. The difference between the two talks was astounding. Anyone who has ever taken a classic literature course can attest to the unending interpretations of motifs and themes in a Jane Austen novel, but chances are that she was only aware of a small number of these implied meanings when she wrote the novel.The University of Arizona (UA) is the flagship institution in the State of Arizona and offers graduate programs in more than areas of study.

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How to Apply. ABSN. 2nd Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Publishing (MFA-CW) Choose to specialize in fiction or poetry in this one-of-a-kind, low residency MFA creative writing program.

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Any graduate-level courses in writing, literature, criticism, publishing, and teaching offered by the English department. Up to two graduate level courses offered by the . Searching within those programs for “electronic publishing” at the master’s level yields only 20 schools, and “digital publishing” returns 29 graduate programs.

The most notable results are NYU’s School of Continuing Professional Studies, Emerson College, Pace, and Columbia.

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