Write an obituary for themba the elephant

The story is about an elephant and a sheep that become friends.

Write an obituary for themba the elephant

They are usually placed in a local newspaper. Along with informing the public in the present, obituaries are also used as historical research. In this article, we discuss how to find an obituary for someone.

However, first, we describe how an obituary should be written.

write an obituary for themba the elephant

Obituaries serve to commemorate their life and informs the public where and when services will be held. Writing the obituary is challenging, simply because you are writing objectively. Give the world a glimpse of how awesome they were and how that person touched the lives around them positively.

When writing an obituary consider including: Also, include nieces and nephews. However, some news sites will keep an obituary online for six months or less. This site provides direct links to the obituary pages of thousands of newspapers. This is a great way to find obituaries printed in the newspapers.

The Elephant and the Sheep by Patricia Furstenberg

However, please note, the site does not archive obituaries. This means if the person you are looking for did not have an obituary printed in the newspapers listed on the website, your search would not yield results. Obituaries are organized alphabetically by the last name, alphabetically by maiden name, and year of death.

Offline Sources If your online search does not work, check these offline sources Public Library If you live in the same area as did the person whose obituary you are looking for, check your local library. Libraries subscribe to local and regional newspapers and keep hard copies for several weeks or more.

Ask a librarian to help you search through back issues of newspapers. Information Needed Before you start searching for an obituary, gather as much information you can.

The Elephant

Doing this will narrow your search and make it more productive. Consider having this information.You can avoid giving the cause of death. Doing so ignores the elephant in the room, leaving curious readers to fill in the blanks with gossip and conjecture. But staying mum also preserves your own privacy and that of the family and the obituee.

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The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee provides captive elephants a safe haven dedicated to their well-being. Learn more. Why I’m Writing my own Obituary. The Elephant Ecosystem Every time you read, share, comment or heart you help an article improve its Rating—which helps Readers see .

write an obituary for themba the elephant

A baby elephant named Themba was orphaned after his mother fell off a cliff. He was closely monitored and the keepers were hoping that he would be adopted by another mother. But, after a week, he was still left alone.

They took him to the Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, where he was.

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