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With reference to at least 2 3

How to Write a Summary of an Article? The main stylistic elements of the work of Yehuda Amichai greatly reflect the time in which he was writing and the place in which he was located whilst writing. Throughout his work, Amichai is able to effectively convey the disruption and confusion caused by this conflict by using techniques such as scattered imagery and irregular structure.

With reference to at least 2 3

To better understand the effectiveness of the stylistic elements used by Amichai, it is important to look at how he uses these techniques in his works. With contextual background it seems to be that nearly all of his poems are set in Israel or some sort of similar desert-like place.

The importance of place is that in many of his works the setting is very much abstract and sense of a place in which the poem is set appears to change constantly, making the poem more universal and often with religious additions to the poems the setting is taken to a metaphysical, God like, all seeing dimension.

Then the idea of a metaphysical dimension is introduced with the reference to God and religion suggesting that God is all seeing and is watching over the world from the place in which he is located. The next key feature is the focus on time and how this affects the subject of his work whether it is a person, object or place.

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Amichai uses many ellipses in his work which makes the poems very radical which is mirrored in the constant change of place and the progression in time. In this poem, Amichai appears to be measuring life, and in particular his life, against the age of Israel which is a very new country in this period.

The sudden shifts between subject matter in many stanzas are mirrored by the non-clustered imagery within the poems. This style of scattered and mostly unrelated imagery helps to add to the sense of confusion and chaos in the life that he lives especially in the time in which he is living as the creation of the new country of Israel along with the conflict between the world superpowers meant that the 20th century was a time when tension and war were ever present threats to peace.

This image effectively conveys the indignation felt by Amichai in a highly graphic way which makes it more impacting on the reader and therefore it has a greater immediate effect.

Overall the main stylistic devices used by Amichai are the scattered imagery, irregular structures, often undefined place and changing times in which the poems are set.Asked for 3 references but I don't have 3! up vote 28 down vote favorite. I have a job offer based conditionally on a standard "background check", which includes references.

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