Who should pay

Email Talk about taxing times! Even as the presidential candidates wrangle publicly over who should pay what, a special congressional committee is wrangling in private over just the same thing.

Who should pay

A step-by-step guide to paying the descendants of enslaved Africans. By Julia Craven Let's say you're driving down the street and someone rear-ends you. You get out of your car to assess the damage.

The person who hit your vehicle gets out of his car, apologizes for the damage and calls his insurance company. Eventually, you receive a check for the harm done.

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Now, let's say that for years, if not generations, your family and families like yours have been damaged by your country's political and economic system -- by law and widespread practice, with the intent of benefiting families not like yours -- then the checks for the harm done would be called reparations.

Beginning with more than two centuries of slavery, black Americans have been deliberately abused by their own nation. It's time to pay restitution. Black activists and intellectuals have been making that point Who should pay increasing volume over the last few years, turning what was an obscure thought problem into a political issue.

The question of reparations has even entered into the Democratic primary, with Sen.

Who should pay

Every year sinceRep. It simply calls for comprehensive research into the nature and financial impact of African enslavement as well as the ills inflicted on black people during the Jim Crow era.

Landlords vs. Tenants: Who Pays When Bed Bugs Invade?

Then, remedies can be suggested. Every year, the bill stalls. Sixty-three percent of black folks support targeted education and job training programs for the descendants of slaves.

Most other Americans still aren't listening.


If not even an avowed socialist can be bothered to grapple with reparations, if the question really is that far beyond the pale, if Bernie Sanders truly believes that victims of the Tulsa pogrom deserved nothing, that the victims of contract lending deserve nothing, that the victims of debt peonage deserve nothing, that that political plunder of black communities entitle them to nothing, if this is the candidate of the radical left -- then expect white supremacy in America to endure well beyond our lifetimes and lifetimes of our children.

If reparations ever come, what would they look like? Simply put, reparations are due to the millions of black Americans whose families have endured generations of discrimination in the United States. First, at least 10 years before the onset of a reparations program, an individual must have self-identified on a census form or other formal document as black, African-American, colored or Negro.

Second, each individual must provide proof of an ancestor who was enslaved in the U. Why does this huge group of Americans deserve restitution? Because starting with slavery, the damage done was institutionalized and inescapable. Darity has created a "Bill of Particulars," including such specific grievances as: Miller, a professor at Loyola Law School, said the case for reparations starts with an honest accounting of the racism that black people have experienced.

So people would rather discount it.pay for what you get. if the lad gets more he pays more, if the girl gets more she should pay more. women want to be equal so they carnt expect men to still pay for dates. permalink embed.

Who should pay

Jun 14,  · Re: Who Should Pay For Employees Continuing Education? I offered % tuition reimbursement IF 1) there ws prior approval. 2) what they were studying pertained to their job function.

Get out of spreadsheets and do the true work of compensation, from crafting your comp strategy to managing your pay brand to training your managers on how to talk about pay with their employees.

Could everyone answer the business ethics "Who should pay?" case study. There are three questions in this case. 1. In your judgment, and from an ethical point of view, should Turner Construction and/or B&C Steel pay for all or part of the $2,, (if part, indicate which part)?Explain your view.

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