Unit 6 btec sport alevels

You will also study mathematics, statistics, human physiology, microbiology techniques, genetics and genetic engineering, medical physics techniques, electrical circuits, chemical reactions, chemical periodicity and organic chemistry. Where can this course take me? You can progress on to a wide range of degree programmes at university. Possible degrees include biology, zoology, nursing, pharmacy and chemistry.

Unit 6 btec sport alevels

Sportive is a course where Young Disabled children can get involved in sport and get chances that they wouldn't usually get. After this they will move into bigger clubs for example Academies and County level they will learn more advance skills and the competition will become harder therefore this will Unit 6 btec sport alevels you a better player, they clubs and county's you play for will train you a lot harder in order to improve all off your skills making sure that you can do everything making you a better player, at this stage they players will be taught everything and at the highest levels this is because to be able to become a professional athlete your skills need to be at the highest level.

At the top level of the sport there is the Excellence stage this is where you become a professional within your sport and start playing for bigger professional clubs and your country at this levels there isn't much that you can be taught so they will teach you all about keeping your skill and fitness levels up.

By doing this it has strength and weakness for example by getting more children to take part in the lower stages of the sports development pyramid this means that more of them will progress through each stage meaning once they get to the Excellence stage of the pyramid it means that the clubs have more players to chose from and this means the quality of players will increase due to the number of players that the clubs has to chose from this means that only the best of the best will be chosen to represent their clubs and nations, however this also means that a lot of players will not make it to professional level.

By giving the players something to 'fight' towards this will make them better players this is because they all want to get better in order to give their team a better chance of winning the league or the cup that they have been entered in.

By doing this it gives the chance of more young people coming through the Pyramid scheme this means that the level of the sport will increase this is because there are more young people coming through each section meaning that the quality of player will be better because of the competition that they have to go through due to the numbers that are allowed through.

Each Sport has levels of progression where people can advance throughout the sport that they are in for example the sport pyramid is designed to allow people to get more people through the pyramid by doing this it will advance the sport Foundation Foundation levels are very similar between Rugby Football and Cricket for example each one of these sports is similar this is because Sporting bodies have made it so that they can get young people involved into their sports, by doing this it means they can get more people involved in their sports.

They set up session so that young people from the local area can have a taste of what the game is like and they will be able to find out how they can progress into the next level of sporting pyramid Participation Level Over time young people will progress through the Sport Pyramid to the participation stages, at this stage they will start to play for clubs and give themselves a sense of competition here from here they will become better players from here they can advance through the pyramid making the next stage of the pyramid higher and more quality, by having more people advance to the next stage it means that the quality of player will increase due to amount of people that have to get through will keep the same.

At this stage of the pyramid the competition gets harder this is because from this stage onwards the amount of players that are allowed to pass through this stage and stay on this stage decreases by doing this it means the quality of the players will increase due to the small amount that is allowed to pass through to the next stage by doing this, this means that the sport in general will increase in skill and therefore grow because more and more young people will want to play this sport.

Here they will the competition will become harder for the players this is similar between each of the sports. Excellence Level At this stage, the professional stage at this point there is nowhere to go up so you are at the top of your sporting level each of the three sports gives people the chance to play for their country's.

By allowing this it means that each young person has something to aim for. Foundation Level- Is grass routes this is where local clubs and coaches will go into schools or put on 'taster' days on at their clubs this gives the local children a chance to play different sports and learn new skills and meet new friends.

Participation Level- Is clubs and groups this is where people will get put into teams and will compete against other people they will learn more advanced skills for example in football they will learn to advance your basic skills for example they will improve your passing for example they will start at Foundation passing a rugby ball over 1 or 2 meters and at club level they will advance this into meters this will improve their levels of performance making them better players ready for the higher levels of performance.

Excellence Level- Is playing at the highest levels in sport for example playing in the premiership and for your country, you already have high levels of skill and can't be taught much therefore the main aim at this levels is keeping your fitness levels to the highest levels and keeping your skill level up to be able to carry on playing for as long as possible.

Cross Cutting Agendas has 5 different sections Pro-Health, Pro- Education, Anti-Drug and Anti- Crime Pro health is all about making sure that local people get involved within sport as a means of exercise to make sure they keep fit whilst doing something fun. Pro- Education here they will learn fair play and sportsmanship and to teamwork skills.

Anti-Drug they will go into high drug areas and other a different type of activity to do other than taking drugs this is the same as Anti-Crime how coaches will go into high crime areas and offer the local children a sport to do instead of doing crime to try and get kids off the street.Home Essays unit 6 - Btec sport /Alevels.

unit 6 - Btec sport /Alevels Unit 6 – P2 In sport there can be certain reasons as to why people are unable to in sport, cultural, social, historical, economic or educational. These barriers are referred to as barriers to participation.

Taken from Time Out Kids Jan issue: The International Baccalaureate What is it?

Unit 6 btec sport alevels

The International Baccalaureate is the curriculum that most parents are talking about when it comes to choosing their child’s school right now. Qualification comparisons > Qualification Comparisons in NVQ.

AVCE, BTEC National, Certificate/Diploma, Vocational A-Levels. An ONC (Ordinary National Certificate) and OND (Ordinary National Diploma) are both broadly comparable to a Level 3 qualification.

Level 4. And Techniques - (Unit 13)Strategic Supply Chain Management And Logistics - (Unit 14)Developing Successful Business Teams - (Unit 15)Research Methods For Strategic Managers - (Unit 16) Method of Assessment The Pearson BTEC Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership is a TQT.

Edexcel Health and Social Care AS Unit 1 and 4» Minivampire GYG (Alevels and BTEC)» Please stop telling us that women's sport is as good as men's. Review the planning and leading of sports activities. You will be introduced to the basics of sports leadership and then will be required to plan, deliver and evaluate a sports activity.

Describe, using relevant examples, the attributes required for, and responsibilities of, sports leadership.