Plastic pollution in the ocean essay

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Plastic pollution in the ocean essay

Essay on Plastic Pollution: Top 4 Essays Article shared by: Read this essay to learn about plastic pollution. After reading this essay you will learn about: Introduction to Plastic Pollution 2. Causes of Plastic Pollution 3. Introduction to Plastic Pollution: In the last decade, plastic has affected the health and life of human beings very badly.

Some incidents have attracted the attention of the whole world and put a question mark about the use of plastic in daily life. Plastic, the wonder material that we use for everything and which pollutes our environment, is perhaps the most harmful of trash dumped by mariners and sea-goers in sea because it does not readily break down in nature.

In-fact, the plastic that goes over the side today may still be around in hundreds of years to foul up the fishing gear, boat propellers, and beaches of future generations. Careless disposal of plastic can have dire consequences. A plastic bag looks like a tasty jellyfish to an indiscriminate feeder like the sea turtle, but plastic is indigestible.

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It can choke, block the intestines of, or cause infection in those animals that consume it. Lost or discarded monofilament fishing line can foul propellers, destroying oil seals and lower units of engines, or it can become an entangling web for fish, seabirds, and marine mammals.

According to the Centre for Marine Conservation, over 25, pieces of fishing line were collected from U. Every day, more and more plastic is accumulating in our oceans. Recreational boaters are not the only group that improperly disposes off plastic refuse at sea.

Plastics also enter the marine environment from sewage outfalls, merchant shipping, commercial fishing operations, and beachgoers. In the middle stage, it is very flexible and can be given any shape depending on temperature and pressure.

In practices, urea, formaldehyde, poly ethylene, polystyrene, polycithylcholide, phenoloic compounds and other substances are used in the preparation of plastics pollution. Now-a-days the most popular plastic pollution is caused is polyvinyl chloride P.

When any food material or blood is stored in the said plastic containers then gradually the soluble chemical gets dissolved in them causing death due to cancer and other skin diseases.

Polyvinyl chloride has also been found to destroy the fertility of the animals and their respiratory systems. When mixed with water, it causes paralysis and also damages bones and causes irritation to the skin.

India should immediately ban the use of P. Causes of Plastic Pollution: Plastics are used because these are easy and cheap to make and they can last a long time. Unfortunately these very useful qualities make plastic a huge pollution problem.

Because the plastic is cheap it gets discarded easily and its persistence in the environment can do great harm. Unbanization has added to the plastic pollution in concentrated form in cities. Plastic thrown on land can enter the drainage lines and choke them resulting into floods in local areas in cities as was experienced in Mumbai, India in It was claimed in one of the programmes on TV channel that eating plastic bags results in death of cattle per day in U.

In stomach of one dead cow, as much as 35 kg of plastic was found. Because plastic does not decompose, and requires high energy ultra-violet light to break down, the amount of plastic waste in our oceans is streadily increasing.Essay The Water Pollution Of California.

Water pollution in California is a major issue that has been one of the main causes for them to ban plastic bags. The ocean water has raised a big health concern in California because people are swimming in water that has trash floating around them.

Plastic pollution is when plastic has gathered in an area and has begun to negatively impact the natural environment and create problems for plants, wildlife and even human population.

Plastic contains some chemicals that are difficult to Nhalilha and constitute a threat to the ocean environment and living organisms. plastic factories produce a great amount of green house gases and carbon dioxide.

Plastic pollution in the ocean essay

which lead to significant increase in global warming that can change many species habitats therefore their numbers will decrease.

Research Paper 16 April Essay III How Plastic Pollution is Out of Control Many individuals underestimate the amount of plastic we use each day. If we do not stop plastic pollution in our oceans the ocean will eventually lose its habitats Atlantic Ocean.

Plastic Oceans Foundation is a global non-profit organization that addresses the issue plastic pollution and how it impacts our waters, sea life and humans.

Plastic pollution in the ocean essay

Aside from interacting with the ocean and wildlife, I have been attending conferences, summits, and events focused on the topics of pollution, advocacy, habitat loss, and how neuroscience and psychology relate to the ocean, all leading me to the issue of Plastic Ocean Pollution.

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