Loyalty betrayal much ado about nothing

Tristram Kenton Every director thinks they know what they are dealing with when they tackle Much Ado About Nothing, and every theatre critic too. But Much Ado About Nothing looks at first glance like a tightly-plotted, well-made romantic comedy, closer to the work of Richard Curtis than to anything by the author of King Lear. Surely all you need to do with this play is cast a well-loved pair of stars as Beatrice and Benedick, work on some elaborate sight-gags for the scenes in which their respective friends arrange for each to overhear staged conversations about how much the other loves them, and sit back and count the box-office takings? David Garrick, for instance, both the greatest actor and the most skilled self-publicist of the 18th century, chose this play for the first performances he gave in London on his return from honeymoon ininviting his fans to smile knowingly at his own supposedly rueful conversion from confirmed bachelor to "Benedick the married man".

Loyalty betrayal much ado about nothing

Betrayal is a theme introduced at the very beginning of this play. How does this constant stream of betrayal affect the outcome of the plot, and which characters are most affected by it? Betrayal is a major theme depicted in the play Much Ado about Nothing.

It is on this basis that this reoccurring theme brings out the main plot of the play. The very first instance of this theme occurring is where Don Pedro and his good friend Claudio decides to make Don Pedro woo Hero in his name.

It is here where the conversation is overheard and the treachery begins. Don John then creates a plan to deceive Claudio and tell him that his friend Don Pedro will woo Hero for himself.

It is at the masked ball where the proposal was to take place Don John executes his plan; this betrayal took place but did not inflict much damage for Claudio and Hero was engaged in the end.

Another minor instance of betrayal which took place prior to the masked ball this was between Claudio and Benedick. Benedick felt betrayed by Claudio when he professed his love for Hero, he felt as though Claudio was breaking his promise to stay single and be a bachelor along with himself.

Benedick had no intentions of getting attached hence he felt betrayed by his friend Claudio. In addition, there was betrayal in Beatrice and Benedick falling in love.

Claudio, Don Pedro, Leonato and Antonio along with the women Hero, Margaret and Ursula conspire to play cupid and make Beatrice and Benedick fall deeply in love with each other. They both disliked each other and wanted nothing to do with marriage but with a hint of betrayal stating that they were in love with each other; they eventually fall in love.

The betrayal of Benedick and Beatrice was one that turned out to have a happy end.

Loyalty betrayal much ado about nothing

A major instance of this theme which surrounded the main plot of the play and even the title of the play was where Borachio and Don John plotted to use Margaret as Hero and make it look as though she was sleeping with Borachio the night before her wedding.

The plan of lies and treachery played out well for on the day of the wedding Claudio did not marry Hero but in fact put her to public shame. With betrayal cam e public shaming after such a tragedy, Hero was in fact betrayed. Hero was betrayed by both her father and her beloved Claudio. When she tried to tell them of her innocence they did not believed her but condemned her without knowing the entire truth.

Both her lover and her father person who should trust her failed to do so in this instance and this seemed a betrayal in the eyes of poor Hero. Another minor occurrence of betrayal was with Margaret and Borachio, in this instance she thought that her lover was just having a fun time with her and spicing up their romance with role playing but this was not so since Borachio had already conspired with Don Pedro to create this scene as to shame Hero.

Margaret was betrayed since she knew nothing of what was taking place There is also betrayal in Act four of the play where Don John was betrayed by his counterparts and partners in crime Borachio and Conrad. After being drunk and reveling their bad deeds and who came up with the master plan both Borachio and Conrad betrayed Don John.

This in turns gets them all arrested for their crime and innocent Hero. Don John was then labeled as the villain and felt betrayed by his counterparts. After it is revealed that Hero was innocent but now she was dead; Claudio felt that he had betrayed his loved one and thus decided to marry her cousin instead.

The cousin in the end turns out to be Hero but this still does not erase the betrayal felt by everyone.


In closure it can therefore be stated that Betrayal was a major theme in the book that brought with it happiness and awful tragedy.Background. Loyalty is one of the central themes in Shakespeare's Much Ado About initiativeblog.com the beginning of the play, most of the key relationships are friendships: Claudio and Benedick are best.

Loyalty Betrayal Much Ado About Nothing. Much Ado About Nothing: The Meaning of True Love and Romantic Couples Like many of his comedies, William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing involves young couples getting together, or trying to get together, and ends with the happy lovers getting married.

On the surface this appears . Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Simon & Schuster edition of Much Ado About Nothing published in In Much Ado About Nothing, betrayal is at the heart of many of the problems of the play, but it also ends up being the key to its happy ending.

Initially, an instance of betrayal sets up one of. Betrayal is a recurring theme in the play Much Ado About Nothing. Betrayal is defined as?to disappoint the hopes or expectations of; be disloyal to deceive, misguide or corrupt.? The theme ties to the main theme which is deception. Love in much ado about nothing quotes of business plan in entrepreneurship college football explained finance research letters ssci quest diagnostics fido loyalty plan Assignment on information system betrayal speech writers groups in denver 50 examples of balanced chemical equations with answers how to calculate ratio in excel civil.

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