Dreams from the monster factory

It would have you believe that it is all about the RSVP Resolve to Stop Violence Program and ideas for reforming our abominable criminal justice system. That last bit about the "abominable system" are my words and not part of the description. Even more irritating for me was the snarky style that nearly caused me to toss it in the trash more than a few times.

Dreams from the monster factory

Unfortunately, I have had no personal experiences that confirm that hypothesis. It also appears that some hard-core audiophiles think that recordings of music are simply tools for playing their gear.

For me, the better the recording and the gear, the more easily and directly I can connect with the worlds outside my bunker. Though the Niagara was born of science and measurements, I now know, after six months of using it, that it can help me dream of Indian dancers and better understand musicians from Texas and Louisiana.

The first time I Dreams from the monster factory the NiagaraGarth Powell, AudioQuest's director of power products, had just plunked it into my system. I'd unplugged all my gear from my Home Depot outlet strip, and Powell had then plugged it all into the 20"-long dark-chromed tube of the Niagara: Sitting on the couch were my boss and my lifestyle consultant.

Neither was it subtle. Everyone in the room heard it. I hate this point in my story because now, in order to describe what I heard, I have to reach for that old-mule audio-reviewer cliche: That's exactly what clean power sounds like, and that's exactly what the Niagara did in my system.

Here's what I didn't yet know: Had the Niagara killed all the music's boogie grooves? Before many of you were born, I built tube preamplifiers for customers.

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I would always include an OEM power purifier at the mains input, but I never told anyone. Back then, people were extremely skeptical about power conditioning.

I installed this device because I knew that audio amplifiers modulate reservoirs of stored energy, and that the availability, quantity, and quality of that stored energy will be audible in the texture, viscosity, and flow of their reproduction of recorded music.

I knew that clean power made recorded music sound more like recorded music as it shouldand less like a radio not precisely tuned to the desired station.

When you listen to an amp driving dynamic speakers, the main thing you're actually hearing besides recorded music is the fluctuating corpus of the power supply as the music signal forces it to interact with the impedance of the speakers.

I always believed that the secret to a lively, quiet power supply was low-impedance access to an infinite source of free "conduction" electrons.

Before cell phones, WiFi, and abundant RFI and wireless transmitters, all that audio gear needed to access these free electrons was pounds of pure copper stuck deep in the good earth and a thick cable connected to the bus bar in a breaker box a low-impedance path to all free electrons.

Those days are over. Today, most audio components in most audiophile systems in most home environments receive extremely stifled, noise-contaminated AC current of unstable voltage and little to no low-impedance grounding.

Which is why I have never needed to be convinced of the necessity of purifying my power. That hasn't stopped me from fearing that purifying my power will do more harm than good. Often, when I've plugged a component into a line conditioner, the musical fun factor has immediately been shut down, and the sound relocates: This has happened so often that I've grown gun-shy of conditioners and power-line filters in general.

Then Garth Powell came to Bed-Stuy, and showed my friends and me that a power purifier can do more than purify. When Powell and everyone else had gone, I removed the Niagara from my system and tried to open it up.

None of my hex wrenches fit the screws. When I wrote Powell to ask him what was inside the thing, his reply read like ad copy. It linearly reduces nearly 20 octaves of radio and AC line noise from the AC line, as well as that which is airborne induced.

It drains it away from the power supply and chassis of the power amplifier and source components. Ultimately, directing as much of the noise as possible towards the electrical panel and Earth ground, with the rest converted to heat through loss.

Does it or does it not harm the boogie groove? And will it clear my aural view of the musics of Africa and Alabama? I tend to be suspicious of voltage regulators and voltage regenerators.

Dreams from the monster factory

I've found that variacs, isolation transformers, and AC-in, AC-out power supplies can reduce an amplifier's "throttle-responsiveness," or revving ability. Any choking-down of the delivery of current will always kill a musical buzz. Powell seems to be saying that the Niagara is not a voltage regulator or regenerator, but a powerline cleaner-upper.

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That's a good start, but the best test is always to connect only the amplifier to the cleaner-upper. If the amp is driving current-hungry speakers, such as my own Magnepan 0. For this test I used Bel Canto Design's e.

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Sunny Schwartz talked about and read selections from her book, Dreams from the Monster Factory: A Tale of Prison, Redemption, and One Woman’s Fight to Restore Justice to All (Scribner; January 6. Dreams from the Monster Factory Published: January 6, In Dreams from the Monster Factory, Sunny Schwartz writes about her extraordinary work transforming the San Francisco jails from “monster factories” that foster violence, rage, and better criminals, into places that could change criminals for .

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- Guard Of The Kingdom Free Online Game. Sometimes some of the best horror writing can be found in anthologies and collections of short stories.

Anthologies or collected works that have a common theme such as zombies, vampires, or werewolves will be found under those specific horror fiction sections. Dreams from the Monster Factory has 18 ratings and 5 reviews.

Dreams from the monster factory

Dreams from the Monster Factory tells the true story of Sunny Schwartz's extraordinary work /5.

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