An analysis of scarface a film starring al pacino

The movie is titled Scarface. Scarface was released December 9, The story of this film is about two friends that are Cuban refugees coming to America.

An analysis of scarface a film starring al pacino

The Big Bathtub 1 The Seedy Underworld The seedy underworld of Scarface is primarily the sun-drenched beaches, gaudy manors, and hedonistic night clubs of Florida.

A beginning look at the world of films and their affect on their audience.

Other settings include car dealerships, taco stands, and huge bathtubs. Scarface set the standard for tropical noir, and these settings have influenced dozens of other works.

An analysis of scarface a film starring al pacino

Tony walks a maddening line between decency and depravity, causing audiences to simultaneously love and hate him. This balance is what every anti-hero strives for, and Tony nails it.

First, Elvira Hancock Michelle Pfeiffer is an excellent example because she represents the unobtainable. She becomes the embodiment of success and achievement, and Tony believes that he can have her and must have her.

Her presence in the story drives him to absurd lengths, and sets him on his final fatal trajectory. She represents the only pure thing left in his life, and his powerful desire to protect her becomes a stumbling block late in the film. It leads to his irrational slaughter of her husband and his best friend Manny Ribera Steven Bauerand his failure to halt the impending demise of his empire.

His interactions with the opposite gender border on domination, and even though his behaviors seem influenced by love, they are ultimately misogynistic. With his own wife, misogyny takes on a different form.

He has a list of ideals that he expects her to be, and then he verbally berates her when she fails to meet his standard. Both relationships are unhealthy, and each are fraught with masculine oppression of the feminine. What's in your past Tony?

We learn that his father was American at least Tony says sobut no further details are given. Anyone interested in seeing a Scarface prequel? You need people like me. You just know how to hide, how to lie. Me, I always tell the truth.

Even when I lie. So say good night to the bad guy! The last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again, let me tell you.

Make way for the bad guy. Better get outta his way! Alternately, Tony sets his sights early upon Elvira, and all other women fade from his view.

Her unavailability is erotic to him. The Chainsaw Scene 7 Loss of Innocence Probably the most memorable scene involves a horrific display of violence and a resulting loss of innocence for Tony.

Tony watches his friend Angel Pepe Serna get cut to pieces with a chainsaw. The effect on this event has on him is interesting, because instead of frightening him away from the drug-lord lifestyle it encourages him.

He seems to reverence the memory of Angel by striving to make his death count for something. Tony enjoys a cigar Cubans with Cuban cigars throughout the film prove that Scarface appreciates its noir roots. Having previously warned Manny to stay away from her, he was humiliated when he found out that they had gone behind his back.

To Tony, his only means of salvaging his manhood was through violence. Here are the final lines of the film, the testament to his ego: You think you kill me with bullets?

This word was not in the script, and was ad-libbed by Pacino during the first drug deal scene chainsaw sceneand Brian De Palma liked it enough to keep using it throughout the film.After the rights for Scarface were obtained after the death of Howard Hughes, Brian de Palma released a remake of the film in featuring Al Pacino as Scarface.

The film was set in contemporary Miami and is known for its inclusion of graphic violence and obscene language, uncharacteristic of the film.

Jun 22,  · An analysis of the protagonist of Scarface, Tony Montana. Aug 24,  · 'Scarface': Over-The-Top, But Ahead Of Its Time In , critic John Powers panned the Pacino film, saying it was trashy and shallow.

But he recently watched the film again, and says that in retrospect, he can . Al Pacino plays a lawyer who tries to reform the justice system after one of his former clients commits suicide in jail.

He is also given a case where he has to defend a guilty judge. Pacino had mentioned the film when he met with De Palma about working together on Blow Out, though John Travolta ended up starring in that one; its commercial failure was a big motivator for De Palma taking on Scarface when Pacino and Bregman came calling.

Sep 18,  · As my first blog entry of Film Analysis I am choosing to analyze the number 10 entry on the AFI’s top ten of Gangster movies. The movie is titled Scarface. It was written by Oliver Stone and directed by Brian DePalma. Starring in Scarface was Al Pacino, Michelle Pfieffer, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

Scarface was.

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