A literary analysis of the lotus eaters by lord tennyson

The Sighs a 16th century song of courtly lovegiving the piece more of a Romantic resonance than the basic acknowledgement of its source might normally call forth.

A literary analysis of the lotus eaters by lord tennyson

Critical Analysis The Lotus Eaters is a striking poem which begins with a heroic line: The poem is looking at the human condition and its interest centers in the conflict between the sense of responsibility and desire to take pleasure.

Tennyson At the same time it empress dissatisfaction with the Victorian passion for the progress. The poem as a whole can be dealt under two headings: The atmosphere of the land was dull, and a kind of faintness seemed to surround it.

The air was like the sigh of a man seeing a painful, long dream.

A literary analysis of the lotus eaters by lord tennyson

Nature was indolent and sluggish: The whole place looked charming in the glow of the setting sun. But it was a land where nothing seemed to change.

Dull faced native inhabitants came near the ship and gave them the lotus plant with flowers. Those who tasted it felt its effect and consequently passed into a dreamy state in which all exertion became disgusting. The sailor after eating the lotus sat on the yellow sand and began to dream of their native land and dear relations there.

Style and Form

But they no longer desired to undertake another voyage to return home. The Choric Song The foregoing five stanzas of regular nine lines each are descriptive and present a beautiful picture of a strange land where Odysseus and his party of sailor reached by chance.

Everything in the lotus-land shows signs of drowsiness, and every object of nature induces sleep. The sailors are completely charmed by the atmosphere of the lotus land and its calmness infects them.

They find it useless to labor or undertake any kind of toil when nature is calm and tranquil. They ask why man, the superior being should be condemned to toil when everything in nature is restful. Leaves flower and fruits grow, fade and then die away.

There is no struggle in their life process. Man has to learn a lesson from them. The sailors effectively bring out the contrast between the life of man and that of the objects of nature in their song.

Death is the end of life; man cannot escape it. Then why should life be full of labor? When everything is domed weary labor is the mockery of life, let us enjoy peace and die quietly.

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Sailors do not desire to return home, but want to cherish its memory only from a distance. Finally, the sailors resolve to stay on the lotus land and live there like gods banishing all care and anxiety from their hearts. Just as the gods are unmindful of human misery and sorrow, the sailors too would live alone oblivious of social obligations.

The dull and dreamy life in the dullness-inducing atmosphere of the island is reinforced by the sound symbolism, of which Tennyson is a perfect master. The sound of the words like pale, mild also reinforces the meaning and effect of the lulling atmosphere. They envy the natural spontaneity.A summary of “The Lotos-Eaters” in Alfred Lord Tennyson's Tennyson’s Poetry.

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One of . The Lotos Eaters by Alfred Lord Tennyson: Critical Analysis The Lotus Eaters is a striking poem which begins with a heroic line: “courage! He said and pointed towards the land”.

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